Fiona Tan’s Ascent is the LFF’s Experimenta Special Presentation.

So, since it’s not a normal narrative film, I thought I wouldn’t post a normal review

Dissolving clouds and studio sounds.
Fuji emerges and is submerged.
The wind is breathing.
Eyes drift through focus-points.
Stereoscopic exploration: looking/pointing.
A void, avoid.

Bowls to be filled.
Myths to be filled.
Smoke/clouds. Looking/living. Order/disorder. Notebooks:
a future to be filled.

Distant beauty – close banality.
The calm of a resting volcano.
Black ash: white ice –
Setting-sun colours
The point of irruption.

Everyday life in front on an icon.
Physical effort/frailty.
Translate/struggle for words.

Still image/moving?
The wave is not the point.
Single moments.
Cheap prints.
Valued or degraded?
Pictures of a Floating World.

Falling: the essence of blossom – peaks the moment before it falls.

Losing religion – falling:
Blind faith – looking.

Monochrome photographs, gently coloured.
Models pretending.
“I saw this: I was here.” Banalification.
Exposure-streaked stars. Fuji and bullet train. Momentification.

Riefenstahl. Bergfilme. Woman and mountain.
Post-war democracy; censoring Fuji.
Godzilla. King Kong.

Film and fire, photographs; ice.

The moment before dawn,
Photographed but unseen.

Everest and its tragedies.
Why climb/conquer/dominate?

Fire/ice, fire/water.

The mountain’s shadow.
The mountain and its reflections.
Ascent to banality?

The image is not the world.

Waking and dreaming.

Fiona Tan: Ascent

Tickets. Sat 08/10 (NFT1); Mon 10/10 (Curzon Soho).




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