That Fun Thing: Funding

Having found myself with a full-length play on my hands, the question arose of what to do with it. A production seemed logical, which then raised the issue of funding. Hence, the following announcement.

I am delighted to announce that I have been awarded the EdmissionUK 2017 Bursary in the Performing Arts. This annual award of £1,000 is generously donated by an anonymous sponsor and administered by the educational and cultural consultancy EdmissionUK (

I will be using the award to develop performances of my first play Oedipus, for two actors. Oedipus sets out to discover the source of the Plague that afflicts Thebes. Opposite him, the other characters – Jocasta, the Shepherd, Tiresias, the Citizen and the Judge – are all played by one actor.

The Bursary will be invaluable in developing the play and presenting it to the public. At the same time, I am actively looking for additional funding and support-in-kind to enhance the production and to facilitate further performances. Please do get in touch with any suggestions. I’ll also be setting up various ways to publicise the play and to keep people abreast of developments, so please look out for news

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